Business Expenses for the Self-Employed:
You are allowed to deduct most of these business expenses
in full.

Advertising and Promotion Expenses
Books and Publications

•        Books, trade journals, newspapers and publications for your
trade or profession

Dues and Fees:
•        Dues to a professional organization for people in your profession
•        Regulatory fees for your profession
•        Dues to chambers of commerce and similar organizations  
•        Licenses paid to state or local governments

Education and Research
•        Educational expenses related to your business
•        Research expenses

Equipment and Supplies
•        Business use of computer.
•        Supplies and tools you use in your work

Home Office
•        Expenses for an office in your home IF part of the home is used
regularly and exclusively for your business.

Meals and Entertainment

•        Meals and Entertaining costs (only 50% of the cost is
deductible).  Keep a record of the date, place, amount of
expenses, people present, business purpose, and business
discussed.  Also keep receipts for expenses in excess of $75.

Telephone Charges
•        Business use of cellular phone
•        Cost of long-distance business calls charged to home phone
•        Separate business telephone (home phone line is not

           Travel and Transportation
•        Traveling costs incurred while away from home on business
•        If your home is your principal place of business, all business
travel is deductible.

       Uniforms and Gear
•        Protective clothing and gear
•        Uniforms
•        Dry cleaning costs for your uniforms or protective clothing (not
for your everyday clothing, though)
•        Specialized clothing designed for your work, as long as it's not
suitable for everyday wear
•        Safety equipment, such as hard hats, safety glasses, safety
boots, and gloves

•        Gifts, but only up to $25 per recipient
•        Passport for business travel
•        Postage
•        Office supplies
•        Printing and copying
•        Legal and professional services, including tax preparation fee
•        Business liability insurance premium
•        Interest on business loans
•        Self-Employed health insurance
•        Commissions and fees
•        Business insurance
•        Keogh or SEP contributions
•        Rental of business property
•        Office rent and utilities
•        Repairs and maintenance
•        Business taxes and licenses