We're Human
No matter how careful we are, somehow we
always manage to forget to put one thing in the
tax folder.  Sometimes that thing, while essential,
does not affect return results -- like a new baby's
social security number or the ID  number for the
day care provider, so even if you're not leaving
with a return at least you know the results.
Sometimes, however,  not having the information
makes it impossible to predict return results --
like a second W-2 or a home equity statement.  
Either way, unless we can get the information
on-line or call someone to send it right away, we
can't give you a finished product when you leave
the office which is frustrating for both of us.  With
the new method, we will call in advance of your
appointment to let you know if something is
apparently missing so that you can locate it prior
to your appointment time.

More Enjoyable Meetings, More Accurate Data
Usually the first ten minutes of your tax
appointment is when we excitedly catch up.  Its
also when we put in the bulk of your tax
information.  It makes a lot of sense to have all
that data input and thoroughly checked prior to
the appointment.  If there is something new or
different that we have to research, we have
plenty of time before you arrive.  We are filing
more and more married couples separately (and
we will be filing more and more married couples!)
which requires painstaking movement of
deductions from one spouse's return to the other.
Having your paperwork in advance gives me quiet
time to concentrate and tweak.  If your situation is
changing for next year and we need to do tax
planning, if we know in advance, we can check
out the options without trying to get that done, in
addition to your taxes, during your appointment
time.  It also gives us more time during your
appointment to go over your options for the

Less Bottlenecks, More Accurate Scheduling
Its always tough when you are running a few
minutes behind and someone shows up with way
more information than you thought you were
going to have to process, or left a document out
of the folder and has to spend time trying to
locate the information.  If instead, the information
comes into our office  a week before the
appointment, even if its  the proverbial shoe box
full of receipts, we can get it dealt with prior to
the appointment time so that it doesn't create a
backlog for the day.

Bad Weather Won't Rain on Our Parade
Since we'll already have your tax paperwork in
advance of your appointment, if we do have a bad
weather day when we can't make it in to the office,
we can easily chat on the phone about your tax

Lastly, the Best....

The Promise of A Brighter Future
While we always seem to be fighting the battle to
tamp down the paperwork monster around the
office, our electronic records are pristine.  We
have, for years, used a system for our business
clients where we keep tax returns in electronic
rather than paper files.  It makes it very easy for
us to locate and email or reprint them quickly.  
While we do have copies of your tax returns in
.pdf format on our server, which we can quickly
locate and email, we don't normally keep backup
documentation.  If your records are sent
electronically, or if you bring them in and have
them scanned by my staff, not only do you
eliminate the fear that your paperwork will land on
the bottom of one of our notorious piles, but if
you call to discuss your paperwork, we can put
our hands on it very quickly and easily (without
having to rummage through the piles).  Further,
your documents will be time-stamped and input
into our queue of work to be done on what we call
"crisis by crisis" basis.  We have set up a new
email address for you to forward scanned
papersforeve@gmail.com.  Our faxes
are delivered to that same email by our secure fax
server.  If you have a lot of papers and your email
provider will not allow you to send a large file,
feel free to use the file sender option on this
website, (see the menu above). On our home
page, there is even a cover sheet you can use
which allows you to easily document the forms
you are sending.

Of course, it is way beyond the scope of normal
services provided, but as many of you know, I am
constantly going way beyond the scope of normal
services provided -- and  I am not offering any
guarantees -- but it is possible that if you flashed
forward to 2015 and you called needing a copy of
your 2013 W-2, we could place our fingers on it
with a few mouse clicks and send it off to you
rather than rummaging through the warehouse.


If you're still not convinced that this is the best
option for you, we will have a few extended
appointments open. There may be a slight
increase in fee for the longer appointments.