RUMOR:  Sitting across the desk from Eve with a
sad face increases your refund amount.

FACT:  Eve has a very vivid imagination and can
conjure up your face as she views your return
results even if you are not sitting in front of her.  
She will do her best no matter where you and she
are sitting.  

RUMOR: There are papers all over the office.  If
you drop your papers off and don't carefully
safeguard them, they will wind up at the bottom of
a pile.

FACT: There are a lot of papers in our office
because we are in the paperwork business.  
However, we are very aware of what is in each
pile and why.  Our faxes come to us via an online
service and are retained on the servers for
several years.  Both emails and faxes are carefully
indexed and can be accessed from  home or the
office.  If you are worried about dropping off
actual papers, or concerned we won't be in the
office to receive them, we suggest you fax or

RUMOR:  If you don't come up for my tax
appointment, you miss the chance to catch up
with Eve and the crew.

FACT:  While we definitely love the chance to
catch up with everyone during their tax
appointments, there actually are plenty of other
opportunities.  If you drop off or send your
information in and don't make an appointment, we
can email you a copy of your return as soon as its
done if you need it for fafsa or refinancing etc.  If
you can wait until after April 15th for a hard copy,
you are more than welcome to come in for a
leisurely chat with us when you pick up your
papers. You don't  even need to have paperwork
to pick up.  If you give us a call to make sure we're
free, come on over for cup of coffee or even to
join us for lunch one day.  We are just as friendly
and helpful in the off season, however well rested.

RUMOR: They probably go on a big vacation after
April 15th and don't get back to the office until

FACT:  While we usually come in late the day after
the season ends, we file other types of tax
returns for our business clients all year.  We don't
stay as late at night or come in on Saturdays, but
we are around to answer your questions or deal
with any tax issues you have.  We do take off
Fridays in the summer so Eve can spend more
time with the love of her life -- the big hole in her
backyard filled with water.